I Haiku You

Love as Playful Poetry

I Haiku You written and illustrated by Betsy Snyder

you be my jelly,


i’ll be your peanut butter–


let’s stick together!

This, as you might expect, is a very sweet book. Readers will find a fun and poignant haiku on each page paired with cute illustrations of bold lines, smooth watercolors, and characters reminiscent of illustrator Gyo Fujikawa (one of our favorites). The characters express their love for everything from bikes and lemonade to parents, friends, and pets. Children and adults will both love the silly but apt comparisons in each poem. Snyder finds a way to boil down sentiment to basic ideas, and she does so very effectively without being condescending.

The book jacket says that “both the young and the young at heart will enjoy sharing these simple poems of affection and appreciation,” and I think that is absolutely true. (more…)

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Cinderella is an Assasin

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien is a prisoner in the salt mines of Endovier, living out a life sentence for her life as a notorious assassin. After surviving a year as a slave in the harsh mines, she is suddenly given a way to freedom: the king is hosting a competition for a position as his personal assassin, and Prince Dorian, crown prince of Endovier, wants to champion Celaena. Despite her loathing for the war-faring king, Celaena agrees, and her new journey–emotional and physical–begins. Once she arrives at the palace, she finds her competition to be fierce, full of other criminals and soldiers. Over the weeks of elimination challenges, Celaena finds herself involved with many of the big names at court. She also finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery as other potential assassins are found dead, one by one. Is she next? How can she stop what seems to be a malevolent, magical force? A destiny awaits her beyond any she could have imagined. Oh, and don’t forget love interests! (I’ll just say “love triangle with swoon-worthy guys” and leave it at that.)

Maas started her story on the premise that Cinderella was actually a deadly assassin. (more…)


Happy Birthday to Us!

Well, it’s official: Our Time in Juvie has been alive and kicking for exactly two years! We’re pretty excited to have shared the last two years with some wonderful books, authors, publishers, and readers. It’s been a great run so far, and we’re looking forward to another two (plus infinity) years of sharing our love of kids’ and YA books.

As always, there are more reviews and interviews to come, so we’ll see you soon. Happy reading!

(Image from monogramchick.blogspot.com)

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February Events!

There are some great events in our area this month, especially with young-adult authors! We hope to see you around town. As always, happy reading!

Saturday, February 2nd @ 11 a.m. University Bookstore Mill Creek

  • Teen Book Brunch with Kristin Halbrook, Nobody But Us

Tuesday, February 5th @ 6:30 p.m. Secret Garden Books

  • Cory Doctorow, Homeland (sequel to Little Brother)

Tuesday, February 5th @ 7 p.m. Seattle Public Library Central Branch

  • Cory Doctorow, Homeland (sequel to Little Brother)

Saturday, February 9th @ 2 p.m. Fairwood Library

  • Young Adult Book Authors Discussion and Signing:
  • Jennifer Shaw Wolf, Breaking Beautiful
  • Helen Landalf, Flyaway
  • Carole Estby Dagg, The Year We Were Famous
  • Jillian Anderson Coats, The Wicked and the Just
  • Kimberly Derting, The Essence (sequel to The Pledge)
  • Megan Bostic, Never Eighteen

Wednesday, February 13th @ 7 p.m. University Bookstore

  • Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell (Book 3 Bloodlines)


Wolf Won't Bite by Emily Gravett

No Matter What, “Wolf Won’t Bite!”

Wolf Won’t Bite! written and illustrated by Emily Gravett

In a seeming role reversal from the original fairy tale, three little pigs capture a big, toothy wolf and put him on display in their very own circus where, no matter what they do, “wolf won’t bite!”

Sure of their safety despite their antics, the three little pigs (dressed in a strongman leotard, ringmaster suit, and frilly tutu) continue to up the ante in their circus acts, rejoicing in the knowledge that they are safe no matter what. Kids will delight in going from one page to the next as the pigs lift Wolf in the air, make him jump through hoops, and even shoot him from a cannon. While the pigs twirl in excitement, safe and sound, wolf looks confused at his predicament, and kids will laugh at the ridiculous pictures and, in a twist from the original story, perhaps even feel sorry for the poor wolf as he’s dressed up and put on display. In the end, predictably, wolf is tested to his limit and the three little pigs… Well, let’s just say things don’t go according to plan! (more…)

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January Events!

Wednesday, January 16th @7pm Seattle Public Library Central Branch

  • Kadir Nelson, I Have a Dream

Thursday, January 17th @10am Barnes & Noble Alderwood

  • Kadir Nelson (illustrator), I Have a Dream - Nelson will be presenting his new book on Martin Luther King, Jr., aimed at elementary and middle school students. He will be reading and signing at Meadowdale Middle School in Lynnwood.

Thursday, January 17th @7pm Third Place Books Lake Forest Park

  • Kadir Nelson, I Have a Dream

Friday, January 18th @6:30pm Third Place Books Lake Forest Park

  • Melissa de la Cruz, Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods 9)

Saturday, January 26th @2pm Seattle Public Library Northgate Branch

  • Clare Vanderpool, Navigating Early; Moon Over Manifest (more…)

Happy Holidays!!

Once Was a Shining Christmas Tree

There once was a shining Christmas tree

Standing out where all could see.

Its brilliance captured every eye

And seemed to cheer each passer by.

Happy Holidays from Our Time in Juvie! Have a wonderful rest of the year and we’ll see you back here in 2013!

Poem from http://bit.ly/Tn1As0

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December Events!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s December already! As you can see there aren’t many author events for this month. I guess everyone has something else to do :o) I hope everyone has a great December and happy reading!

Monday, December 17th @7pm Third Place Books Lake Forest Park

  • Lish McBride, Hold Me Close, Necromancer, Necromancing the Stone


Tuesday, December 4th @10am Barnes & Noble Northgate

  • Special Guest Celebrity Reader Karen Robbins! – Be sure to join us as we welcome local children’s author Karen Robbins, author of Care of Our World and Shoe Print Art. This will be a fun “active” storytime.  

Friday, December 7th @7pm Barnes & Noble Downtown; Bellevue; South Center; Woodinville

  • Polar Express Storytime

Saturday, December 8th @10am Barnes & Noble Northgate

  • Polar Express Storytime – Come in your PJs! Treats and activities will be included.

Saturday, December 8th @11am Barnes & Noble Alderwood Mall

  • The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition – Chanda Bell will read and sign new Elf on the Shelf books and gift boxes. (more…)
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November Author Events!!

Tuesday, November 6th @6:30pm Barnes and Noble Northgate

  • Obert Skye, Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder (Book 5 Leven Thumps Series)

Thursday, November 8th @7pm Barnes and Noble Alderwood

  • Margo Lanagan, The Brides of Rollrock Island

Friday, November 9th @4:30pm Seattle Public Library Northeast Branch (hosted by University Bookstore)

  • Margo Lanagan, The Brides of Rollrock Island

Saturday, November 17th @1pm Barnes and Noble Bellevue

  • Jack Prelutsky Sings! Recites! Reads! and Signs Books! – Meet America’s first Children’s Poet Laureate! Author of over 70 books of poetry!

Saturday, November 24th @10am Barnes and Noble Northgate

  • Megan Bostic, Never Eighteen
  • Kendare Blake, Anna Dressed in Blood, Girl of Nightmares (Books 1 & 2 Anna Series)
  • Carole Estby Dagg, The Year We Were Famous
  • Gwen Hayes, Falling Under, Dreaming Awake
  • Helen Landalf, Flyaway
  • Daniel Marks, Velveteen (more…)
Halloween Reading

October Author Events (Part 2)!

As promised, here is part two of this epically long list of October events! We probably missed a few here and there due to the overwhelming number (woohoo!), so if you happen to know one we missed, be sure to e-mail so we can spread the news. Again, be sure to check with each hosting location to verify times and learn if ticket prices or limited seating may apply. Cheers, and have a great October!

Tuesday, October 16th @ 3:30 – 5 PM Burien Library


  • Kendare Blake, Anna Dressed in Blood
  • Megan Bostick, Never Eighteen
  • Chelsea Campbell, The Rise of Renegade X
  • Helen Landalf, Flyaway

Tuesday, October 16th @ 7 PM Secret Garden Books

  • Joe & Wendy Wahman, Snowboy 1,2,3

Tuesday, October 16th @ 7 PM Third Place Books Ravenna

  • Raina Telgemeier, Drama

Wednesday, October 17th @ 6 PM Century Ballroom, West Hall (hosted by University Bookstore)

  • Libba Bray, The Diviners; *This event is a teen-friendly speakeasy: come in period outfits for the costume contest, etc.! (more…)
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