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We love e-mails, comments, tweets, Facebook posts, and most especially…recommendations, so don’t be shy! We promise not to bite — the internet is a strong preventative barrier to physical harm, after all. Our main mode of contact is currently through the site or at our e-mail address Drop us a line and say hello! **UPDATE** You can follow us on Instagram or find out what we’re currently reading thru Goodreads too!

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No really, we’re serious…send us recommendations! We’re always trying new books and authors, and we get those names and titles from a bunch of different sources, including people like you. We created this blog to help spread the joy of reading and share books both well known and those that fly under the radar, so the more recommendations the better. Tell us about your favorite book, series, author, or request that we interview a specific author so you can get some extra insight…we just might do it!

Authors **We are NOT accepting any new review requests at this time.**

We love to learn about upcoming books, and one thing we love even more than that is the opportunity to share that experience with the book’s author! We are always interested in reading ARCs (both digital and print format) so we can review and recommend before they hit bookshelves. If you would like us to review your book, new or not, e-mail us with the title and a short description. Please keep in mind that our site is about books for children and young adults, so some material may not be appropriate.

We also do Author Spotlights whenever we get the opportunity — interviews, guest posts, etc. — that we can share with our followers to give them a little something extra from the authors they love so much. While we know not everyone has the time to devote to all that, we’re up for just about anything and are fairly open-minded, so if you’d like to contribute to our site, let us know! In addition, we collect donations for site giveaways — autographed books, swag, merchandise, etc. — to help promote different titles. Please tell us if you’re interested in contributing.


Please send any questions pertaining to the site or it’s creators (a.k.a. Ruby and Jenny) to our e-mail We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

**Please note that all content posted on this site ( is owned by the site’s creators unless otherwise stated. Site owners must permit any reproduction of content or use by an outside source directly. Thanks for understanding!**
**The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued new rules that went into effect on December 1, 2009. These rules state that product reviewers on blogs must disclose whether they received review products for free or received monetary payment for such reviews.
Payment is never accepted in exchange for a review or book mention unless noted in the post. The receipt of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy) in no way influences or has an impact on the opinions expressed in the book reviews posted on this site.**

One thought on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi!

    Thanks so much for including Storybound’s event on 4/13 at the Alderwood Barnes and Noble.

    I thought to let you know that there will be two other fabulous authors at the events: J. Anderson Coats (THE WICKED AND THE JUST) and Anne Nesbet (THE CABINET OF EARTHS). Perhaps you can add them to the events calendar?

    Also, we will all be together at another event at noon on 4/14 at the Edmonds Bookshop and at 4p 4/15 at Village Books in Bellingham. Details can be found here:

    Thanks so much for al you do to get great books into the hands of readers!


    Marissa Burt

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