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There are some pretty big blockbuster hits out there in the book universe, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to read next after you finish a new favorite series. Well, we’re here to help! For obvious reasons, we’ve chosen the top five series that have jumpstarted a genre to new heights. Check out the bestselling series below and see what new titles and series we can get you hooked on!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney (COMING SOON)

Are cartoons and illustrations your thing? Maybe you’re a reluctant reader and you loved this series but don’t know what to read next…look no further!

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Most of the world has read, loved, and re-read about the world-wide phenomenon known as Harry Potter. So, what’s next? Depending on your favorite aspects of the book (i.e. adventure, humor, magic), we can recommend any number of great books that will keep your imagination going non-stop!

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

If you’re like us, you really enjoyed the dystopian and post-apocalyptic world that Suzanne Collins created in this best-selling trilogy. Never fear — there is a whole bookstore (or two) full of books on survival and instinct, dystopian futures, post-apocalyptic living, and kick-butt action! The sub-genre for all of the above pretty much exploded after The Hunger Games hit the scene, so there are tons of books to choose from.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan

Who doesn’t want to have cool, god-like powers and have a brain hardwired for Greek? Sadly, most of us aren’t the children of Zeus or Poseidon, so we have to make do with awesome fantasy and action books. Not so sadly, there are a lot of choices! Whether it’s the mythology you enjoy of the sarcastic humor of the main characters, there are tons of great books to whet your reading appetite.

Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team I Need a Better Vampire Book Fix!! Not as catchy, but we tried. We’re not big fans of the Twilight Saga for many, many reasons too numerous to name here. However, we can give you some alternatives to this “great” series. Whether you’re looking for the epic romance  or the action that only a paranormal character can deliver, we’ve got you covered.

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