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In these book lists, we’ve put together titles we think are similar in interests and genres. Just because you like one doesn’t mean you’ll like them all, but it’s a good bet you’d find something else to read that you’ll really enjoy!

Everything you see — every single book — is something we’ve read, so we can personally vouch for our recommendations. No hearsay or rumors to be found! We’re always looking to try new titles and authors, so the recommendations work both ways.

Boys vs. Girls

Most of these are realistic stories, though there’s a fair mix of fantasy and adventure as well. Some books are great for both boys and girls, but let’s face it: sometimes a book about football or mermaid princesses just doesn’t do it for everyone. With that in mind, here are some titles ranging in subject matter from relationships and family to dealing with bullies and friendship. There’s something for everyone!

Fantasy/Science Fiction

This is exactly what it sounds like! Fantasy and science fiction is a huge genre with all ages, children and beyond, and it’s one of the best ways that kids explore through imagination these days. Some of these books focus on strange fantastic creatures, while others are outer-space adventures or deeply entrenched magical mysteries. Spread your wings and let your imagination take flight!


Whodunit? What’s the secret? Where did that suspicious person disappear to? All good mysteries start with good questions, because as you know, good questions lead to even better and more interesting answers! If you love suspense, puzzle-solving, a good mystery is the perfect way to spend the day letting the world melt away until every last piece of the puzzle has been figured out.

Historical Fiction

Whether it’s a trail ride in the Wild West or an ancient Greek odyssey, historical fiction lets readers experience the world as it once was. Sometimes it even helps us to better understand our lives in the present, and often the adventures depicted make every era seem not so long ago.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Do you love classic folk and fairy tales with a twist? We do! Whether it’s a completely re-imagined story with familiar characters or characters from a classic tale in a brand new tale, these stories are bound to have you captivated, laughing, and reading far into the night to get to that happily ever after…or is it?


A lot of time books give us a window into another part of the world that we’re less familiar with. It’s a snapshot into the lives of people and their day-to-day moments. We get to learn of cultural differences and similarities. Learn more about our global neighbors with these books about different cultures and customs!

If you liked…

There are a lot of blockbuster hits in the book world, but we chose to focus on some of the most defining ones. A lot of people are fans of…

Sometime it’s hard to find good books that share the qualities and themes of the series we love so much. Here you’ll find some recommendations based on these bestselling series that are for all ages.

Book to Film

While we can’t necessarily vouch for the films (there are a rare few that have been made into a film that are as equally as good as the book), these are books we recommend that have made their way to the silver screen.


What is a haiku? Limerick? Free verse? Ballad? Poetry sometimes is forgotten in the world of children’s’ and young adult literature. Here is a selection of some we really enjoyed and think you might appreciate too.

Just the Facts (Non-Fiction)

Science, grammar, history, music, languages, art — all those great subjects we live with every day and often take for granted. Here are some books that cover important subjects; some are great for solo reading for fun, while others might do better in a classroom setting. Either way, they’re quality books for children and young adults.

Picture Books

Picture books are great for all ages, whether it’s to admire the artwork and story or to learn the basic concepts behind letters and numbers. Plus, they’re great for sharing with the whole family! We’ve split this subject up into three categories:

Guest Reviews

As you can tell, we love to read and review lots of books. It just so happens that we also have friends who are as passionate about children’s and young adult books as we are and want to contribute to this amazingly (tooting our own horn!) awesome blog. So check ’em out and enjoy!

Not Just for Grown Ups

Since many adults are reading books from the children’s and young adult genres more and more these days, I thought it only fair to recommend books that are written for adults that are equally appropriate for young adult readers. If you’re looking for more challenging fare to whet your literary appetite, look no further. Even we have to take a break from reading children’s and young adult books!

What’s in a name? (coming soon!!)

We thought it would be fun to feature a page of books we’ve read that feature our names as characters. Jennifer aka Jenny is infinitely more popular as a name than Ruby is as a character in a book. Ruby is gaining in popularity as a name for children today, but I (Ruby) find it sadly lacking in as a character name in books. We’ll see how many we can find and read!

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